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 "As the oldest continuous political party in the world, the Democratic Party has carried out its commitment to freedom, fairness, human rights, and responsible government for over 200 years. We pledge to continue this tradition."

Preamble of the NC Democratic Party Platform

Headquarters Info:

Tuesday - Thursday  -  10:00am - 2:00pm

Telephone #:  452-9607

P.O. Box 694

286 Haywood Square

Waynesville, NC  28786

For additional info, contact:

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U.S. Senate

Kay Hagan

U.S. House District 11

Tom Hill

N.C. Senate District 50

Jane Hipps

N.C. House of Rep. District 118

Dean Hicks

N.C. House of Rep. District 119

Joe Sam Queen

District Attorney District 30

Jim Moore

Haywood County Board of Commissioners

J.W. (Kirk) Kirkpatrick

Michael T. Sorrells

Bill L. Upton

Haywood County Clerk of Superior Court

June L. Ray

Haywood County Register of Deeds

Sherri C. Rogers

Haywood County Sheriff

Greg Christopher

Haywood County Tax Collector

David B. Francis



N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice

Robin Hudson

Supreme Court Associate Justice

Sam J. Ervin, IV

Supreme Court Associate Justice

Cheri Beasley

Court of Appeals Judge

Lucy N. Inman

Court of Appeals Judge

Mark Davis

District Court Judge District 30

Roy Wijewickrama

H. C.  Board of Education (Bethel District)

Larry D. Henson

H.C. Board of Education (Clyde District)

Wende Goode

James M. (Jimmy) Rogers

Candie H. Sellers

H. C. Board of Education (Crabtree-Ironduff)

Bobby Rogers

H.C. Board of Education (Fines Creek District)

John Duckett

Steven Kirkpatrick

H.C. Board of Education (Beaverdam) unexpired term

Walter E. Leatherwood

Haywood Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor

Charles Boyd

Robert A. (Bob) Cathey

Junaluska Sanitary District

Jim H. Francis, Jr.

Dan McCracken

Junaluska Sanitary District (unexpired term)

Tom Posey

Maggie Valley Sanitary District

Jack Leatherwood, Jr.

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